Casa do Menor, Brazil

Backstage shots from my documentary “Casa do Menor: The Other Face of Brazil”, which focused on the protests on the streets of Brazil in the summer of 2013. The documentary (aired on the Discovery Networks) featured the stories of abused and marginalized youth in the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro and Fortaleza. It was shot with the support of the Brazilian NGO Casa do Menor, which cares for 2000 children per year, many of whom suffer from drug addiction and are coerced into prostitution.

10 Portraits Against Prejudice

#10PortraitsAgainstPrejudice is a photographic-editorial project by Davide Scalenghe, Flora Ciccarelli and Giovanni Mauriello, and all the people who believed and gave us their time, putting themselves in front of a goal, in these hot days of a July in Turin. Thank you. Ten faces and ten stories to tell firsthand what it means to live with the prejudice – that attitude, that process for which we attribute to an unknown person the traits and characteristics typical of their theoretical group of belonging – branded in focus on the skin: too fat, too feminine, too aggressive, too weird. Bodies and minds that escape the canons of a society that would like us all the same way. All equal.