As Field Communications Manager for Médicins Sans Frontières in the Democratic Republic of Congo, my job was to define, implement, coordinate and supervise all operational communication activities according to MSF standards in the mission/ or during an emergency. Practically, myself and my team worked to build MSF visibility, acceptance and leverage inside the mission country.

As an organization, MSF responds to emergencies and assists people fleeing violence and armed conflict. In 2019 and 2020, MSF responded to the country’s biggest-ever Ebola outbreak, in Ituri and North Kivu provinces. In 2019, the organization worked in 21 of out of the country’s 26 provinces and responded to one of the biggest outbreaks of measles in decades, also working with people displaced by conflict, and those with health problems such as HIV/AIDS. People have little access to healthcare, and disease outbreaks are frequent due to poor surveillance and infrastructure. Violence has led to crises in the Kivus, Tanganyika and Kasai regions, and has forced millions to flee.

For more details on MSF’s work in the Democratic Republic of Congo, please visit the organization’s website here.



Interview on the challenges of responding to the Covid-19 pandemic in the Democratic Republic of Congo with Médicins Sans Frontières.

A short profile piece on Davide’s experience in dealing with the Covid-19 epidemic whilst in the Democratic Republic of Congo with Médecins Sans Frontières.


Some of the photographs I took during my time in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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